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What is canyoneering?

Canyoning, canyoning or canyoning is one of the most fun and practiced adventure sports in Huesca, which can be done in nature. This sport tries to descend the channels of different rivers, overcoming the obstacles that capricious nature has created. Slides, jumps, rappelling,... a natural water park that makes this sport one of the star activities in the area. The large number of valleys and rivers that the Aragonese Pyrenees houses offer us the best conditions for practicing this activity and make the area a nationally and internationally known point both in terms of tourism and sports. When we descend a river we not only do sports, you will also discover corners that you have never visited before, only by doing the canyoning activity will you get to know the heart of the water courses, the most hidden vegetation, unique animal species and the most incredible endemisms of the Pyrenees , all in a fun, safe and environmentally friendly way. The activity has different levels of difficulty and is therefore accessible to anyone without prior experience. From Canyoning in Ordesa we encourage you to trust our group of qualified and qualified guides who will advise you on choosing the appropriate descent for your level both to get started in the activity and to explore new descents, their extensive experience is the best guarantee to enjoy with security.

What is my level?

The beginner level (LEVEL 1) is suitable for all those adventurers who, with or without previous experience, want to enjoy a simple descent without difficulty but with a large dose of fun. An activity where you can enjoy nature individually, with friends or family. LEVEL 2. The intermediate level is the perfect framework for all those who, with or without previous experience, want to take a step further. The descents at this level are more daring but just as simple and enjoyable. Big jumps and big rappels for great adventurers! LEVEL 3. The advanced level is for those who, with at least one descent in their backpack and are in good physical condition, are willing to do more demanding and daring canyons. If you recognize yourself in the description, this is your level!

What is a via ferrata?

It is one of the most practiced adventure activities in the area, a fun sport considered mountain and suitable for anyone with minimal physical conditions and without vertigo, since it is an aerial ride. Its different levels of difficulty make it an attractive and perfect activity to do with children. This aerial ride is carried out together with the safety material that we provide to a towline or steel cable called a lifeline that offers us complete peace of mind in terms of safety. We will progress along the route thanks to the via ferrata equipment, which ranges from simple clamps and holds to hilarious nets, handrails or hanging bridges.

Is previous experience necessary?

Most of the activities we offer do not require previous experience. We always recommend starting with the most basic levels in order to have a first contact with this type of activities. Knowing how to swim will be our only requirement.

Should I bring water and food to the activities?

For full-day mountain activities we must always bring food and water to last the entire day, however there will be places to drink (untreated) water if we need it. In canyoning and via ferrata activities it is advisable to carry both. It must be taken into account that these types of activities are very difficult to control the times, so we will always appreciate having water and food in the vehicle.

Do I have to go in my vehicle to the activity?

Cada grupo tendrá que ir con su propio coche hasta el inicio de la actividad, y siempre por carretera asfaltada. Además, llevando tu coche podrás quedarte a disfrutar de el lugar una vez que finalicemos con la aventura. Si no puedes ir con tu coche, pide información para el transporte.

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